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Many of the concepts we work with relate to strategic positioning of  businessses, starting with identifying and analysing market trends, then working with the client to identify how best the business can position itself to gain the most from those trends.

We can also work closely with clients to analyse their customer accounts, looking at the mix of accounts in terms of size, life and strategic fit, prioritising those accounts with best market potential.

In addition, we can also review processes to see if further efficiencies can be gained, as well as working with teams to implement new processes.

Too often, business development takes a backseat to the immediate demands of business operations and it can be beneficial to let someone else do the research and analysis and present some recommendations for discussion. Thereby speeding up the decision-making process and enabling a strategy for business development to get implemented.

We develop close working relationships with our clients ensuring that we understand how their business really works including the softer issues of organisational culture and values. Our aim is for our clients to feel we are a seamless extension of their organisation