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Do you feel frustrated that you have collected a team of great people together ?

Do you feel that your team could perform better ?

Do you have people in your organisation that you feel have more to offer but need support in unlocking their potential ?

Is there someone in your organisation who you feel could benefit from some external support ?

Do you have newly promoted staff that may benefit from some support during the transition into their role ?

If these questions strike a chord with you then I offer specialised and tailored coaching to help you or your organisation address the issues that may be limiting you from achieving the potential you have.  

I work with either individuals or teams to unlock the issues preventing higher performance from being achieved. Change of any sort can be daunting and difficult – both to begin and to sustain – and I help our clients to look at the underlying issues, to make sense of them and most importantly to help them make the transition through the change to reach a new and improved position which is both more fulfilling for individuals and delivers sustainable results for corporate clients.

My aim is to …..

·        Excel at what I do
·         Stimulate creative thinking
·         Challenge the status quo
·         Value and care for people
·         Be simple and straightforward in my client relationships

I have an accredited coaching qualification (with Distinction) from the Institute of Human Development, which is coupled with significant experience in coaching, mentoring and facilitation amongst a wide spectrum of individuals from Board level to graduates and operational staff.  As a coach I specialise in working with individuals and groups to maximise their potential by understanding the softer issues that can limit performance if they are not both recognised and resolved.